Support Free Live Music

Vern Loveall first started Crusty’s over 10 years ago and his idea was to never charge a cover for live music and that tradition lives on today.  Every year Crusty’s Pizza provides top-level FREE live music year around, but these shows come at a price.  We spend over $15,000 a year to provide free live music and bring a sense of community within McCall. Shows include Jeff Crosby and the Refugees, Josh Hoyer and the Colossals, Scott Pemberton Trio, Fruition, Voice of Reason, The Quick and Easy Boys, and local artists Brian Mac Donald, Dave Green, Noah Kadre, Spencer Batt, Carter Freeman, Ben Burdick, Blaze and Kelly, and many more. To support free live music donate at GoFundMe, but our preferred method is to drop off your support at Crusty’s or mail us your donation.




​June 2: Neal Goldburg
June 5: Pixi and the Partyrass Boys
June 9: Carter Freeman
June 12: Wisdom and Wonder
June 16: Lost Ox
June 19: Spencer Batt
June 23: Free Peopls
June 26: Jughandle Parade 
June 30: Golden, Warren, and Barr
​​July 3: Deja Blue
July 6 & 7: Bread and Circus
July 10: Grant Fram
July 14: Dusty Rust
July 17: American Idol and Voice artist
July 21:TBA
July 24: Wisdom and Wonder
July 27(SAT): Quick and Easy Boys 
July 28: TBA
July 29: Brian Ernest
July 31: Glee Wood
​​May 4: tba
May 11: Charlie Sutton
May 18: Moody Jews
May 25 & 26: Voice of Reason
May 29: Deja Blue